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Birth of the Mistress was indeed a sensational & impactful read!!!! One of my favorite metaphorical phrases is "Dont judge a book by it's cover". How wonderfully astounding was it to thoroughly relish within the title of this book on an absolutely divergent absorption & understanding after my read.
A profusion of applause to Authoress Onyxx for embracing my eyes with a magnetism of well written words & providing such an array realistically exsisting occurences (unfortunate & favored ) that horse played my emotions. I unconditionally adored the moderate flow of this book because it gave me time to reside in the activity of each characters events before arriving to the next read of wonderment. Outstanding picture painting illustration. An overall remarkable read and very much looking forward to more grind from Onyxx's beautific mind!!!

Harrison and Danni were High School sweethearts who had it all....almost. They had the picture perfect life but like most they just wanted to add ONE little thing in it to spice it up. And spice it up they did with Micki. Micki was fine as wine, sexy, ambitious, but also cut-throat, callous, and money-hungry. Unfortunately they would find out the hard way why sometimes three is a crowd. As a man you never know what a woman can bring out of another woman so be CAREFUL what you wish for. Read this story to watch it unfold AMAZINGGGGGG read Onyxx is becoming one of my favorite Authors one book at a time.

StylishCurvyGirl's Review of:
Careful What You Wish For 

Divine Essence's Review of:
Birth Of The Mistress

What I can say, I love the Authoress. This is the forth book I have read of hers and she keeps drawing me in. This is truly a great read. I love how she allow you to get to know the characters. She keeps your mind going with each to try to figure out what's going to happen next. Boy what an ending. I didn't want the book to end.

Oh yeah I'm gonna need the finale to this. ASAP
I see Mistress fear but can there be something shoot she still hadn't been touch...
Yeah I don't want Mesha to regress cause of what happen with Cody
Definitely need Mama Z and Chase story
Reese was trying to hard.
Love "the lifestyle"

Dakiesha McLendon's Review of:
B.F.F.'s - Best F*cking Friends

Nette Fields' Review of:
Evolution Of The Mistress



Onyxx is a contemporary romance novelist from Chicago who enjoys writing about those topics not commonly discussed within the realm of romantic fiction.
A true believer in the "Alpha-Female" majority of Onyxx's releases have a strong female lead character.
Being one to love controversy, Onyxx has penned The Mistress Trilogy to shed light on the often misunderstood world of BDSM. Onyxx has also penned 2 standalone novels that are guaranteed to spice up your library.

Additionally, Onyxx has created a 52-week journal of affirmation as part of her holistically approached life coaching/motivational speaking company #LiveNviously. This is work was created under her "given name" of Neda J.

Most want to know why I write fiction; the answer is pretty simple. It has been easier to reflect on the people I have encountered and then envision them in different times and places doing different things. I have been writing short stories and poems since the 3rd grade. The decision to write professionally was an easy one to make as I love to make people smile with my words.

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