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What is a Life Coach?

A life coach is defined as someone who is professionally trained (hopefully) to help an individual realize, maximize and fulfill their life's potential. In the best of circumstances, it will be like having a trusted advisor/mentor and best friend all wrapped up into one.

I take my role a step further. Fully certified as a life coach but I prefer the title of Enlightenment Coach as I do not feel that one human can tell another human how to live their life effectively. I like to look at what I do as "enlightening" my clients to their hidden strengths that will help them to live their best life as opposed to wearing a facade and living their best lie.

My approach is hands on but very in your face. I'm that friend that will tell you what you NEED to hear as opposed to what you WANT to hear.

Services & Pricing

Services will vary depending on level of need.

Life Mapping  - One time session lasting 1 hour. Can be done via phone or video (due to covid). This is where we go over your present view of your life and we tackle the task of mapping out a plan of action to get your life to your future vision of it. ($45)

Pick Me Up - These are brief "pick me ups" via phone in which we go over affirmations of manifestation to assist you in getting over an immediate/pressing mental "hump". These calls are for 10 minutes in length and are very fast paced addressing a present issue. ($15)

Recurring Coaching - This is where we sit down and discuss/discover what your perceived issues are within your life and we come up with a plan of action of how to deal with and resolve those stated issues. This is long-term (1 month or longer) and recurring - usually 1 appointment per week with a "homework" assignment sent out prior to the designated call/visit day. This is our most intensive offering and delves deeper into the causes of discontent within one's life. ($35 per session w/ minimum of 4 sessions booked)

*As with all types of coaching/counseling there are instances in which a coach runs into an issue with a client that they are not equipped/trained to handle; in this instance, I will make every attempt to put you in touch with a licensed professional to take over your care.

Do I Need a Coach?

This is a rather personal question and is often best answered after some deep reflection of self. You would need to decide if outside help could be beneficial and what level of help is needed.

Bettering one's mental well being is a multi-faceted endeavor and could cause more harm than good if not conducted properly and by individuals skilled in the field.

An effective life coach will never over-talk, belittle and/or berate his/her clients. A life coach is essentially in place to assist in giving their clients varying outlooks on life/situations of concern.

The field of life coaching is expanding at an alarming rate and there is no "required" educational backing that is needed for someone to attach the title of "Life Coach" to their name. Working with a life coach is beneficial for most but be forewarned that unless your chosen life coach is a licensed mental health professional (psychologist, psychiatrist or social worker) he/she will not be able to "treat" you for more complex mental health maladies.  A life coach also cannot prescribe medications of any kind.

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