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Ocular Opulence by Onyxx

OOO was started as an artistic outlet for all the stress and anxiety I had been experiencing just going through everyday life. The painting was a totally abstract way for me to express myself. I never had any intention of ever creating/selling works of art as a business endeavor - it just sort of happened.

I started painting after watching a YouTube video of an artist doing something I had never seen before. The artist was "pour painting" and it looked absolutely fun. With pouring, there is no rhyme or reason...the paint literally does what it wants to do on the canvas. The only the the artist controls are the color selections and the "method" of movement for the paint.

Because this is a totally abstract way of creating, no two painting will ever be alike - even if they are painted side by side at the exact same time. They will be different.

After posting some pictures and videos of my creations on social media, I started getting requests for paintings and so it began. As I got more comfortable with painting I started to move into other creative mediums and have now found myself within the realm of resin art. Due to the fact that this is still new to me I am limited within my creative abilities (bear with me...I'm learning).

I will (try to) update the site regularly with pictures of creations that I have on hand but they sell quickly. Majority of my creations are commissioned (requested) so they are created, photographed and shipped out the door. Since this is all abstract (even the resin art) nothing can be replicated - things like shape, size and color can be but the EXACT same finished product cannot.


Pricing & Shipping


Pricing is based on canvas size and includes up to 6 color choices (exempt from the base color):

5x7 - $45

8x10 - $55

9x12 - $60

11x14 - $70

12x24 - $75

16x20 - $80

18x24 - $90

20x24 - $95

This is only a small representation of pricing as canvases come in a myriad of sizes and shapes - too many to list. Commission pricing is discussed in full prior to work commencing to ensure that both artist and consumer are on the same accord.

Resin Art:

Pricing is set based upon cost of materials and production and are as follows:

Chess Set: $30 (pieces only) or $40 (with abstract board)

Double 6 Domino Set: $30

Coasters: $20 (2 set) or $40 (4 set)

Ashtray: $20

This is just a snapshot of the items that can be created and more are being added daily as more techniques are learned. Paperweights, desk decor, jewelry boxes, etc.

*Coasters - circle, square or hexagon / Ashtrays - small square (1 slot) / medium square (4 slot) / circle (2 slot)

Shipping is in addition to painting cost and is as follows:

$12 within IL

$16 outside IL

All shipping is done through UPS (most economically feasible rates).

*Due to size restrictions all canvas paintings must be shipped to a physical address (no PO boxes)

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