Sneak Peeks

Birth of The Mistress

I don’t remember exactly when I first met The Beast, I just remember that it was cold out and that day is one that will forever be burned into my memory. It was freezing outside, snow everywhere and wind that would knock your socks off. Yet I, the brave warrior that I was wanted to go out to play. While making snow angels, I saw The Beast for the first time. He seemed nice enough, friendly and somehow strangely familiar. He motioned for me to come near and being raised to listen to adults, I complied with no hesitation. He offered me some hot chocolate and asked me to come inside his home. It was a nice place, cozy and warm after I finished my hot chocolate I asked could I go back out and play but The Beast quickly replied “there are games and toys for you to enjoy right in here”. I don’t know what it was but all of a sudden I wanted to be back out in the freezing cold more than I wanted to breathe. 

Careful What You Wish For

The things she felt when Micki touched her was unlike anything she had ever experienced. It was like a phoenix taking its maiden flight. Micki had awakened all types of emotions and sensualities that Danni hadn’t known she had. Her lips, her eyes, her curves and her tongue….damn that tongue. If there was ever a global contest for “tongue skills,” Micki would win hands down. Harrison had promised it as a one-time thing, but Danni had wanted more. She had wanted more of what Micki had to show her. She was gone, hook, line and sinker. All relationship rules went out the window when it came to Micki. Danni no longer cared about the life she and Harrison had built. All she wanted was those glorious feelings that only Micki could give.

Evolution of The Mistress

I sat dumbfounded at the revelations that had just come out during lunch. I glanced over at the love of my life as she stared out the window and all I felt was sadness for her, but not for the reasons you might think. I felt sadness because I knew that in this moment she was stressed, sad and confused. Ziana and I had the kind of bond that people pray for and when she feels pain….I feel pain. I knew this wasn’t the time for questions and I was sure she would address all my concerns when she was ready to.

I continued to maneuver thru traffic with my thoughts running all over the place, thinking back to when N’myiah first came into our lives. It was a trying time indeed as Ziana and I were going thru some things within our relationship that most couples never faced. We were at odds over the lifestyle we were living and where our relationship was going. 


We locked eyes across the dance floor and she knew in that moment I was coming to get what was rightfully mine. I noticed that she started to distance her physical proximity from her dance partner without me having to mouth a single word. She just knew. Once I finally made it over to her I simply reached out my hand and she readily took it. Her dance floor companion looked a little perturbed but the look I shot him made him realize that a hasty retreat would be best for all parties involved. The moment our hands touched the song changed and it was on!!! As Mr. Vega’s version of Here Comes The Boom blasted from the speakers Oneika decided to turn her back to me and drop it to the floor; fast and hard. As she slowly brought it back up she made it a point to keep our bodies connected from the waist down. As she did a slow wine I could feel myself getting increasingly aroused. Her body felt so good and I couldn’t help myself when I leaned forward and lightly bit her on the neck. It was a test of sorts; if she freaked out or acted like it bothered her then I would know that I had miscalculated out attraction. Instead of reacting negatively from the love bite, she continued to grind against me. ​


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